Life and Death Real Estate - A Murder Mystery Teaser

He's been down on his luck. Locked away in jail, his 3 year sentence is about to come up. Soon he'll be in the rat race again, a debtor trying to dodge his rent payments. They call him The Mutt. If he's lucky, he'll end up in jail again with three hots, a cot and barely more than $50 bail money to his name. He has to bide his time and hope things calm down out there or he won't make it.

She's been doing alright for herself. A bit of a loose Cannon, she's been wildly spending her inheritance money by buying up lots all around the city. She doesn’t have much of a plan yet, but property values have been rising. Hopefully a pattern will emerge soon that she can take advantage of.

On the outside, he looks like a well-to-do Rockefeller type. But that is probably just his Top Hat. He might look well off, but the three trolley routes he owns around town barely pull in enough fares to keep his business afloat, much less pay him the substantial salary a railroad magnate expects. And that is even after buying that third trolley and raising his prices! If only he could acquire the Short Line, his profits would skyrocket. Too bad it isn't on the market… Yet.

After a bank error in his favor, a lucky man is sitting pretty. He cruises his expensively developed houses on the boardwalk in his restored vintage Racecar, knowing that the next person to rent one of his properties here will set him up for life. Too bad he spent every dollar he had building those houses. If any unexpected bills come up, he might need to sell them, and that would ruin him.

A horse grazes peacefully on the weeds between the concrete slabs on the sidewalk of Baltic Avenue. The Rider is dead, lying in front of the old foreclosed house. He had just collected his salary and was murdered for that mere $200 by someone trying desperately to get ahead. Maybe he deserved it. Who rides a horse into town these days anyway?

The people of this town are locked in battle. The prosperity of the place ebbs and flows as houses are built and demolished when properties change hands. The chairman of the board bribes townsfolk in exchange for power, and taxes on the poor and luxurious alike can barely keep the utility bills paid. Join the fray to make it big, and maybe even solve a murder in Life and Death Real Estate! 

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