Mysterious Anthony

This Beer is Based on True Events

Glass shatters, unheard in the moonlit night. The house on Woodland Park sleeps blissfully. Unaware. No witnesses. 

My morning alarm is preempted by a percussive pounding. Just a noise. More pounding. Kevin, upstairs, must need to go back to bed. There it is again. That must be the door. Goddamn. I make my way to the front door and spot an unrecognized face peering through the door window. With somberness in her eyes, the previously unmet neighbor regrets having to wake me as she gestures towards the broken car window. I make my way down the patio steps, with the cold air and hard ground reminding me that I left my slippers and robe inside.  Across the lawn and to the car, there it is: broken glass all around, the contents of the backseat strewn across the grass. 

"Sorry," the neighbor says as she shuffles into her car to make it to work on time. 

I gather up the objects laying in the wet grass and thumb through them. A sketchbook, now soaked with rain. A checkbook with the checks torn out. A pen. Wait. Lauren doesn't sketch. Who writes checks these days? Holy shit. This isn't her checkbook. Did the perpetrator really leave behind a clue!?   Is this real life or the Hardy Boys? Anthony Mau... we will find you.

Mysterious Anthony IPA

  • ABV: 5.5%

  • IBUs: 90 

  • Crystal, like the shattered car glass on the ground, malts provide sweet, bready crunchiness. Centennial, Cascade, and Simcoe hops, like life, bring punishing bitterness. 

  • Coming Soon. 

Andrew BieberComment