Murder Overboard - A Drinking Party Mystery Teaser

Boeing engineers have always been a troublesome bunch. All kinds of strange drama is born within those grand construction hangers. Hierarchies of management and cogs breed distrust. Within the ranks, morale ebbs and flows like the tide. Tonight is the night of the annual Boeing Booze Cruise, an attempt by the higher-ups to placate the surviving engineers after the yearly round of layoffs.  The waters are murky, and the sky is beginning to darken as the porters, crewmen, and bartenders stock The Lusitania's Daughter, Argosy's most medium-luxurious ship. They prepare for the night ahead - unfolding the chairs and laying down the table cloths unaware that tonight the sea will claim it's due.


"I dunno about this, Shivs, the water looks pretty rough right now."

"What are you, sea sick? Come on dude. We already bought our tickets."

"No, I'm not sea sick, just concerned! Like a normal person! This boat isn't that big, and those waves look like they could get up on deck at any moment."

"The boat isn't even leaving the sound, yuh baby. This isn't The Titanic, it's just Argosy. Nothing's gonna happen and don't be a whiner"


Julian, the bartender, was the first to notice. Braving the rain for a quick smoke break, he didn’t see when the wave splashed over the railing, he only saw what it washed up - a body, soaking wet. What alarm do you raise for this? Man overboard isn't right. Man back-on-board? He ran to check for breathing but even before he got there he knew it was too late. Julian, not quite sure what to do, drags the body below deck to keep everything under wraps. No need to bother the passengers with this. Boeing wouldn’t be happy at all.

Join the crew and the passengers of the Lusitania's Daughter on her deadly voyage. This is a party, flash mob style mystery where you and your fellow players rope in uninformed party goers to play with you. Participate in the mystery as a suspect and recruit unsuspecting passengers to be investigators by handing them the rules. They compete with each other while you hold all the cards, revealing clues and pulling strings all night. If they give up, you get away with it, if not, drink!!