Sven, Ulfgar and Hilgra

I'm writing a new mystery! This one is about Vikings. I don't know what it's called yet, but here are some characters I've been working on. 

Sven Forkbeard is the king of kings, the ruler of the vikings that roam the Baltic Seas. His bravery, strength, and seamanship know no equal. He is descended from a noble line of viking kings, each one more wealthy and powerful than their fathers. He's always had his choice from all the viking women, but his love for Hilgra, the queen of his kingdom, has always been untested. All is peaceful in his lands and seas, or at least as peaceful as things get for vikings. He leads his men on daring raids to pillage surrounding villages and enemy kingdoms, spreading his legacy for might and power. For the first time, his young son Ulfgar has recently joined him on a raid, his skill for combat makes Sven swell with pride. Sven is brave, loyal, and proud. His favorite drink is Baltic Porter. 

Hilgra Forkbeard is the wife of Sven, mother of Ulfgar, and the queen of the vikings. It takes a powerful woman to tame Sven, and Hilgra is just that. Despite her humble beginnings as a cattle herder, she was raised well. Like all the women of her family, she was trained to fight at a young age. No other viking, woman or man, can best her in a wrestling match. She fought her way through combat arenas eventually gaining a reputation as Hilgra the Unpinnable. Despite her notoriety for being tough, she is caring, protective, and kind. She always acts in the best interest of her child, Ulfgar, and of the kingdom she helps to protect and rule. When things get messy, she is on the front lines. Her favorite drink is Dry Cider.

Ulfgar Forkbeard- the prince of the vikings, son of Sven and Hilgra Forkbeard, is the quintessential struggling adolescent. His shyness and insecurities color everything he does and says. He trains tirelessly with his axe to impress his parents and fill their large shoes. In some ways he's succeeded, having just survived his first raid into a surrounding village, but his accomplishments seem shallow in some way. He prefers instead to sail, taking his personal ship, The Shattered Beam, on dangerously fast runs through the coastal cliffs. He is driven, ambitious, and works hard to overcome his shortcomings. His favorite drink is Sour Mead.

Sven, Ulfgar, and Hilgra are characters in an upcoming Viking themed murder mystery. Not sure how it's gonna look yet, but it's gonna be cool!  

Work in progress

Work in progress