It's Almost Ready - The Quintessential Intrigue Mystery

Here is a sneak peak at this mystery. "A Murder at Intrigue Brewing" is the quintessential Intrigue Mystery. A drinking game, a ridiculous premise, and a bit of genre busting all wrap up into what Intrigue Mysteries really are. The following is the introduction from the package that will be available to purchase and download in a couple weeks. Want to play test it or help proofread before it goes on sale? Download it now! Don't spoil it for yourself if you want to play, pull together a group and give it a try!  


You and your friends have arrived at Intrigue Brewing, a party venue and brewery, to partake in a murder mystery party. Everyone has received their characters, brought their murder weapon props and their favorite beer to drink and is getting into mingling. The mystery begins when the lights go off, but when they come back on, something has gone terribly wrong.

....Originally, I had posted a longer sneak peak, but I don't want anyone to spoil it for themselves accidentally, so I took it down. Don't worry, you can still download the playtest copy! ....

To see more of this mystery, download the play test copy. Your feedback and edits would be well received as we near the final version.