Cohorts and Cannibalism

An Upcoming Drinking Murder Mystery By Intrigue Brewing

After weeks of planning, Brody is finally hosting his great event. Everyone is coming. Invites have been sent both to his closest pals and to the distant fringes of his social network. Elaborate decorations, food, a handpicked playlist, tons of liquor, and epic revelry are all in store for his friends as soon as they come through that door.

Meanwhile, his friend-but-probably-more-like-acquaintance Kyle has been planning his own event. He has some cousins coming into town to visit and he wants to show them the local scene. Brody's house party, while fun, wouldn’t really be what the cousins are here to see. Kyle makes a Facebook event and invites his friends out to the bars to party with him and his cousins.

Friday night comes along. Both hosts are jittery with anticipation about the night of debauchery that lies just a few hours away. Guests begin to arrive at Kyle's downtown apartment to pregame the night on the town. They arrive slowly, which at first is to be expected, but after an hour begins to become suspicious. Only half of the expected attendees have appeared. This will hardly be an impressive entourage for the bar crawl. The cousins aren't even trying to hide their disappointment.

At Brody's house, things are the same. He's had some drinks before even the first guest arrived, but as 11pm rolls around and a dismal 50% of RSVPed guests are there. He can tell that something is wrong. Guacamole is uneaten. The queso is congealing. The box of Franzia is barely tapped…

With neither night living up to the hype, guests at both events begin to get bored. People at Brody's party are pulling on their shoes to hit downtown bars and salvage the night. The friends at the bar crawl with Kyle are hailing ubers to catch the tail end of what they hear is a passable party at Brody's place. Both hosts have drunk themselves into a seething rage. Brody is pulling up Facebook on his phone to unfriend Kyle for stealing all his friends. Kyle is about to hit send on an excessive, angry text novel disowning Brody for hamstringing his perfect night out. A classic tale of friend group cannibalism. 

Later, a bouncer moves to remove a hunched over Kyle vomiting over the railing of the rooftop deck of 69 Slide, and elsewhere a girlfriend timidly opens the bedroom door to where Brody was last seen, sobbing. They both see something unexpected! The bouncer is mortified. The girlfriend begins to shriek. From Kyle's mouth drips a steam of blood onto the street below. Right on the bedspread, Brody's eyes and ears drip out inky black ichor. The bouncer, barely holding back his nausea, pulls Kyle's limp body off the railing. The girlfriend runs to Brody's side, but it is too late.

Neither one of them is standing up from that.

In Cohorts and Cannibalism, you play as one of the friends of Brody and Kyle. Forced to choose between attending a bar crawl or a house party, you jump back and forth between venues to uncover the web of alliances, hatreds, and motivations that drove someone, or some people, to commit two gruesome murders. 

Andrew BieberComment