Sabotage Adrift is Free!

Thanks for stopping by our brand new blog. You have stumbled into Intrigue Brewing at a very exciting time. We have just wrapped up the Kickstarter and created a ton of really great swag. As much fun as it was getting all those coasters, pint glasses, growlers, shirts, and stickers produced and sent out, it's time to get down to Intrigue's real business - Murder Mysteries. Sabotage Adrift is our very first mystery and we'd love to share it with you. It's a full blast print at home packet just like one you might spend $50 on at an older murder mystery site. With 12 characters to pick from, you and your friends can work together to solve the mystery of sabotage aboard the Epsilon. 

We're very proud of our first mystery, but we are just getting started. We are still green and we know it. There is polish that needs to be applied. More eyes need to try the game out to help us find what works and what doesn't. You won't be a play tester - this game has been played a bunch by Intrigue and our guests and is proven fun, but there is still something we want that you can help with! We want you to bring your friends over, play the game, have a beer for us, and tell us what you love and hate about the game. And of course we can't ask you to pay for all that, so we are giving the packet away for free - all the fully written characters, props, instructions, and a full blown intriguing space faring mystery. One day we'll sell this game (and others soon to be written) to the friends of your friends, but for now, those of you who have found your way here in these early days and are riding what is just barely beginning to become the wave, please accept the whole mystery experience on us. 

Click here to download the mystery and get started! 

Welcome to Intrigue,