Meet Stoup Brewing - Washington Beer Talk

Yikes! That was a bit of a hiatus. I probably coulda started episode up last week or maybe even one week before, but nothing could be done. Thanks to a non-cicerone related bike accident, I broke my collar bone. It set my schedule back a bit, but it was kinda nice to just relax for a while. Thankfully for me, I have plenty of episodes recorded and waiting to hit the editing room. Stoup is the first of those! So to all those waiting patiently, here we go!

Stoup is a fantastic brewery in Ballard, in the region of Lucky Envelope, Populux, and Reuben’s. Known for nailing a wide variety of styles including their German styles especially, they hit the ground running in 2013. The three founders, Robin, Brad, and Lara (who I spoke with today) came to the table with a good assortment of experience and skills and were relatively early to the scene, a hand of cards that has served them well as their brewery continues to grow rapidly. Give it a listen!

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