Meet Great Burn - Washington Beer Talk (in Montana)

I was on my way Beer Now, a conference in Great Falls, Montana for beer bloggers, when I decided to stop by Missoula for a quick pint. There, I found Greg Howard, one of the two brothers responsible for the creation of Great Burn Brewing. He and his brother decided to open up a brewery after the death of their fire fighting 3rd brother, and in a way created a memorial to him and his work as a fire fighter.

The Great Burn was a huge wild fire that devastated a huge swatch of Montana in 1910, a fitting event to inspire the a brewery! Hopefully nothing here ever catches fire like that!

We sat down in the noisy taproom to chat about Greg’s family and past and get the scoop on this 2014 brewery that has to compete with Montana power houses like Big Sky and Bayern. Be forewarned, my travel kit for recording is a little sparse, so please forgive some shoddy audio. I feel shame.

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