The Feast of Horned Hall - A Viking Murder Mystery

Intrigue is brewing in Horned Hall, the great hall of the mighty viking-king Sven. Following a decades long war, what remains of Queen Iduna's court has ridden to meet King Sven and Queen Hilgra and make peace between the two too recently warring clans. The charming King is hosting a feast and a festival to make his new subjects feel at home. His butcher has prepared an entire boar, his brewer has prepared a new batch of ale and the two kingdoms dine as one in the Horned Hall. A new, young royal love is burgeoning between the prince Ulfgar and the new princess Elsa as they sneak about the hall. Barbarians show off their power in games of strength, and warriors show off their skill in axe throwing contests. All the while, the old advisers conspire in the dark alcoves where the torch light doesn't reach. 


The revelry comes to a sudden stop when a body is discovered.  One of four possible different bodies is found each of the four different plot lines. This mystery is replay-able and a different murder is solved on each play. The victims choose who dies - is it King Sven, last seen ogling Queen Iduna much to the chagrin of his wife, Hilgra? Is it Princess Elsa whose untimely demise comes right when she was beginning to fall in love? Perhaps today Hoodler, the king's guard, is found cleaved in twain during a quick trip to the outhouse - surely in cold blood? To find out, revelers compete in corn-hole, arm wrestling, and beer-horn holding competitions to wrest clues from unwilling witnesses. Grab a horn of your favorite ale and join in the Feast of Horned Hall. Coming soon, by Intrigue Brewing.