Flying Lion - Washington Beer Talk #7

Continuing our now two-week trend of going to breweries that fly, we are at Flying Lion Brewery. Accessible on your bike via the beautiful Lake Washington Loop trail and a little bit of hill climbing, this brewery is in the charming neighborhood of Columbia City, not far off from more breweries to the West in Georgetown. 

Griffin poured us some rye stout and we talked about what it’s like to run and raise a brewery. Griffin and his family have an eye for the details and have created a place with an eccentric and charming personality. I think you’ll notice them when you hear them. I tried to edit it out, but as you’ll hear, I’m enamored with this brewery.  

I’m The Cycling Cicerone and this is Washington Beer Talk. 


Ahh crap, I didn't get a photo of the coasters. Just imagine the cutest coasters you have ever seen.