No Label - Washington Beer Talk #40

For the next few weeks I’ll be in Texas, so enjoy these episodes straight from my hometown of Katy, in the heart of the lone star state. Houston has a rapidly growing number of breweries, up to 80 or so last I heard, so right on par with my current home of Seattle. I’ll be visiting some of my old favorites, the places I got some of my first craft beers, and some of the newer ones too.

This week is my first favorite brewery and the star of my home town, No Label Brewery out in Katy (a suburb of Houston). It’s the only brewery this far out west of and is the 3rd oldest in H-town. Jennifer Royo, co founder, joins me today while I wax nostalgic about Texas and gives us her take on the industry. She and husband Brian started a family around the same time as they started they brewery, so she also talks a bit about the juggling act of raising a young family and a young brewery at the same time.

If you were expecting Fremont Brewery today, fear not! I’ll get back around to them soon!