Kauai Beer Company - Washington Beer Talk #51

Kauai Beer Company is one of two breweries on Chicken Island, Hawaii. There is no way to show it in the podcast, but they brew some of the best beer I have ever had and it simply isn’t fair. I showed up there one weekend on vacation and now my life is ruined forever. Thankfully I had some podcasting equipment so we set up in the noisy office to record a little interview. Founder Jim, Brewer Justin, and Enigmatic Marketing Guy Larry all joined along with my co-host Mia and spectator Renee for the 51st episode of WBT.

I am experimenting with the format of the episode. If you like (or didn’t) the sound of this episode in particular (ignoring the abysmal room sound quality (should I have mentioned that, am I the only one who would have noticed?)) then please leave a comment to say so!

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