Chatting With The Board Prez, Flying Bike Cooperative Brewery- Washington Beer Talk

Austin Rood, the Board of Directors President of my favorite brewery, Flying Bike Cooperative Brewery up here in Greenwood, Seattle sits down with me to chat about Co-ops. He’s not a pro brewer and he only owns 1/2000th of a brewery. Just like me. And could be you too! We talk about what co-ops even are plus hang out with a couple of beers and chat about politics, pretentiousness in beer, capitalism and bud light. Flying Bike is a cooperative brewery which means it is owned by its members. On its surface, the $200 joining fee looks like a fancy mug club membership, but it isn’t! It’s so much more. But how do you express that in a world where phrases like “so much more than a mug club” are just marketing talk for “it’s just a mug club.” How did we get here and how do we move forward? Give it a listen!

This is part one of two. the second part is coming out next week to Patrons only! Go to to find out more.