Cycling Cicerone News

Twin Cities Podcasts

I got back from my trip to Minnesota last weekend and I got a ton of podcasts lined up. For the next 8-9 weeks, we will be exploring a new brewery from that region as well as all the wacky beer laws that are getting in their way. The Surly Beer Law allowed their beer scene to take flight in 2011 and their market is fast approaching the level of saturation we have known here in Seattle for a few years. It almost feels like we are looking a few years into the past in terms of the maturation of the market by looking at Minnesota (that’s not a burn, Minneapolis, just the way it is) and it has been quite insightful. If you are back in Seattle and want to be on the podcast, hit me up! 

Gigantic Bicycle Fest

It’s coming up fast, so get your tickets now. If you want to join me in the beer garden, I am hosting a training event to get all my volunteer beer pourers MAST certified so everything is nice and legal for that. Check out the Cycling Cicerone Facebook page for more info on that. If you are a brewery and want to serve your beer in the beer garden I am helping out with on that event, then you can join the ranks of other bike aligned breweries like Crucible, Flying Bike, Chainline, and Flying Lion. If you don’t brew beer and you don’t want to volunteer, then this is a still a call to come join! There is nothing better than earning your beer by riding 50 miles 

Everett Herald

Take a look at the Sunday Edition of the Everett Herald in the first week of August. The Cycling Cicerone might make a little appearance-poo. Beer Writer for the Herald, Aaron joined me at my favorite brewery Lucky Envelope to talk beer trails. I’m excited to see what he writes so I’ll be picking up the Everett Herald in a couple Sundays!