Casey Neill and The Norway Rats - Washington Beer Talk Bonus

This is a special bonus episode of Washington Beer Talk. We'll get back to the breweries next week. For the Gigantic Bicycle Festival, coming up soon, I got the opportunity to interview Casey Neill of Casey Neill and the Norway Rats, a local band! It's not a brewery and I think you'll be able to tell that I keep using my brewing knowledge to guide the conversation with some measure of success. There are also lots of Cycling Cicerone events I introduce including The Beer Bloggers conference, The Everett Bike With The Brewers ride September 9th which I am hosting along with Everett breweries Middleton, Lazy Boy, At Large, Crucible, and Scuttlebutt,  and The Vashon Island Oktoberfest coming up September 22nd which I am hosting along with Vashon Island Brewery. There's a lot going on over here! 


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