Everett Beer Week - Bike With The Brewers

Everett Beer Week is starting today and they’ve turned on the Bike Signal to request my help! They have a pretty kickass bike and beer route that I mapped out about a year ago, but this week, in honor of Everett Beer Week, I spent hours riding around Everett exploring new bike paths and bike lanes to tune up that route so it will be perfect for this Sunday, September 9th, when I, The Cycling Cicerone, will be leading the Everett Bike With The Brewers event! That’s right, Everett’s five breweries will be sending their brewers to come out and ride a lap around the city. It’s a good chance to get some punches on your #DrinkLocalEverett punch card and pick up a sweet prize as well as meet the brewers, of course.

Everett Breweries Flyer2.png

Here is how it’s gonna go down. Sunday, September 9th, gather at At Large Brewery in downtown Everett to catch the Seahawks game starting at 1:25 pm. At 5 pm, well after the Seahawks game, we’ll grab our bikes and hit the road towards Scuttlebutt's Taproom which they will be opening specially for us between 5-7pm. One beer there and we’re off to the South Everett Breweries of Lazy Boy, Crucible, and Middleton. One beer and one hour at each and since we’ll have the brewers with us, we can get in after hours! 


This schedule might get shifted around a little bit, but here's how it looks now.

  • 1 pm - Seahawks at At Large Brewery

  • 4 pm - Bike and Brew starts with a drink, still at At Large

  • 5 pm - Leave for Scuttlebutt

  • 5:15 pm - Beers at Scuttlebutt

  • 6:15 pm - Leave for Middleton

  • 7 pm - Beer at Middleton

  • 7:59 pm - People stop following orders and I lose all control over you

  • 8 pm - Leave for Crucible

  • 8:05 pm - Beer at Crucible

  • 9 pm - Leave for Lazy Boy

  • 9:05 pm - Beer at Lazy Boy

  • 10 pm - We drink until they kick us out

The Route

It starts off at At Large Brewery and heads east on California Street. There is a clever little bike lane that Google Maps doesn’t know about that lets you cut straight through to Cedar Street and down to Scuttlebutt. Everett’s bike route game is not the worst I’ve seen, so the sketchiest part with the most road riding is right after Scuttlebutt as you leave downtown Everett via Pacific Ave then take a left on Colby Ave. This is also the longest leg between breweries, about a 45-minute ride and up a slight hill for most of the time. We keep heading straight south until we get to the Interurban Trail, which we take almost all the way to South Everett where we get off the trail and take the nicely bike-laned 7th Ave the rest of the way to the familiar sight of the South Everett Beer Triad. From there we will man-handle the intersection of SE Mall Way and 7th Ave until we have milked every beer we can from it. 

Bike wt Brewers.jpg

All told, the route is about 8 miles and will take about an hour of riding, the majority of that coming from the long haul between Scuttlebutt and the South Everett Triad. I hate to mention it, but the route is not hill-less. In fact, it's kinda a long slog up a hill the whole way to South Everett, but that’s nothing a couple beers and a personal challenge I will issue to your toughness won’t solve. 

Come out and support your local breweries! See more about the event on the breweries' Facebook pages. See Y'all this weekend!