Lucky Envelope - Washington Beer Talk #18

I missed a podcast last week since I was heading out of town to visit the foreign land of Minnesota. There, I got a ton of interviews with brewers of local breweries. Before I get into those, here is Lucky Envelope, a brewery in Ballard and one of my very favorites. 

The Ballard beer scene continues to grow. Lucky Envelope opened in 2015 and at the time was brewery 9 (give or take). When they first thought of opening in 2011, there were only 3 breweries in the neighborhood. Now in 2018, there are 11 breweries and the area is finally showing signs of slowing down. For the past 3 years, Lucky Envelope has been brewing consistently the best beers of the neighborhood. Barry is too humble to agree, so you'll have to take the Burke Gilman trail over to Ballard sometime and try them all out yourself. 

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