Part 2 Chainline Brewery - Washington Beer Talk #17

This is part two of a two part episode started last week. We continue the conversation from last week. We talk Red Hook, Goose Island, returning beers, and curbing beer snobbery.

This week I rode over to Kirkland WA to visit Chainline Brewing, a bike themed brewery (whoa, sounds cool) with a focus on lager beers. They ferment low and slow and hopefully bike faster. A route around Lake Washington will show off many of the great trails that can take you there, The Burke Gilman, the Samamish River Trail, the Kirkland Corridor (a new favorite of mine that lets you ride in what feel like isolated woods straight through kirky) and the 520 Bridge Bike Path. Shawn (man, there sure are a lot of Shawns), Eric, and Tom are extremely knowledgable about beer. We ended up getting carried away talking about how Red Hook is skirting the line of what it takes to be an independent brewery, the value of style guidelines, and the significance of beer competitions. That wasn't all, so this is only part one of what will have to be a two part series. 

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