Taste Test - Mexican Beer

What is the best Mexican beer?

In order to find this out, the Cycling Cicerone recruited some friends Taylor and Callie and we did a full blast tasting panel. We examined the appearance, aroma, mouthfeel, and flavor of 9 different Mexican beers and did a very scientific analysis. If you want to know which Mexican beer to buy, this is your guide. If you think they all taste the same, then think again. 

Partially as a disclaimer, I would like to thank my truly absurd tasting panel judges for their help in determining our favorite imported Mexican beer! Spoiler alert, Pacifico wins. 

The lineup for tonight

The lineup for tonight


Dos Equis

  • Appearance - yellow

  • Aroma - slightly fruity

  • Mouthfeel - easy drinking light beer

  • Flavor - very clean, lacks distinct flavors including anything I would describe as “cerveza-ey”.

  • Comments - “Warm Bud Light with a hint of Coors” “Boozy. This might have been sitting here too long, that’s my bad” “It makes an excellent baseline beer. I could drink this all day. “

Corona Extra

  • Appearance - very yellow

  • Aroma - dank.

  • Mouthfeel - light beer, but with strong biting carbonation and bitterness

  • Flavor - tastes like cerveza. Instantly makes me think of limes even though limes never touched it. That’s marketing.

  • Comments - “420 levels of dankness.” “Looks like sick urine but tastes way better.” “strong, dank, bitter, fresh, classic”

Corona Familiar

  • Appearance - very yellow

  • Aroma - old beer smell. Slightly oxidized, perhaps

  • Mouthfeel - relatively full. Almost craft beer level

  • Flavor - less bitter, a strong hint of malt flavors

  • Comments - “Not dank. Smells flat and old...like Opera. Tastes like a top 40 banger” “you should be swimming while you drink this so your lightness can counter out the heaviness of this beer. I did not find my beach”

Corona Light

  • Appearance - very yellow, perhaps even more so

  • Aroma - not dank.

  • Mouthfeel - co2 bubbles like crazy

  • Flavor - very blank taste. Slightly bitter

  • Comments - “ I FOUND MY BEACH” “¾ Post Malones”


  • Appearance - slightly darker than yellow, edging on pale

  • Aroma - charmingly roasty and malty (but only slightly)

  • Mouthfeel - heavy

  • Flavor - sweet, almost meaty, but otherwise very clean

  • Comments - “Candy-like” “Meh” “Tastes like it was left on the floor of a butcher”

Estrella Jalisco

  • Appearance - between Sol and Corona, that is, yellow.

  • Aroma - very neutral. Corona light like

  • Mouthfeel - relatively full

  • Flavor - similar to Sol, slightly meaty. Quickly dissipating bitterness.

  • Comments - “Looks like Corona Light, but tastes like Corona Familiar!” “It has a very authentic sounding name”


  • Appearance - very yellow

  • Aroma - ricey/grainy

  • Mouthfeel - light beer. Easy drinking

  • Flavor - very neutral. Much like Corona Light

  • Comments - “tastes like Pacifico if Pacifico was Corona Light” “Smells like baked goods and pairs well with Despacito” “A+++++”

Carta Blanca

  • Appearance - slightly darker yellow, and I mean slight in the slightest sense.

  • Aroma - citrusy, orangey… almost

  • Mouthfeel - light

  • Flavor - vaguely fruity, but still clean and crisp

  • Comments - “slightly spicy” “Did someone add a drop of triple sec to this?” “Smells like a Blue Moon ad” “Tastes like this non-alcoholic beer I had once in Berlin, but not as bad”

Modelo Negra

  • Appearance - dark amber color. The only one on this list that isn't yellow.

  • Aroma - malty, almost cake like. Slight whiff of chocolate

  • Mouthfeel - full

  • Flavor - strong aftertaste that hangs for a bit. Caramelly.

  • Comments - “smells and tastes just like that Berlin beer and now I have PTSD” “Limey, soapy, and kinda yucky”

By a vote of 2 to 1, Pacifico was the winner. Second place goes to Corona Light. These were the most neutrally flavored of the bunch so I guess we can see how the current state of society came around.
This is an analysis of many Mexican beers available in the states. Some are missing. This also isn’t a thoughtful analysis of real Mexican beers, the kinds you can actually get in Mexico, just the handful of delicious, sun-soaked, lime adorned beers that can make it all the way here. Enjoy the sun! 

Thanks Callie and Taylor!

Thanks Callie and Taylor!