Mollusk and Dexter Brewhouse - Washington Beer Talk #4

This week on Washington Beer Talk, I talk with Cody and Carey of Mollusk Brewery. Here, they run the beer side of the busy brewpub. They brew beer and make sure their beers are cohesive with the pub half. While they need to brew some hair-color beer that, as Cody puts it, your dad likes to drink, they also have tons of room to experiment and make weird beers. The somewhat uncommon constraint of brewing for a restaurant (at least less common here in Seattle) has, instead of limiting the strangeness of the beer they serve, allowed it to explode into a huge selection of beers on tap and in bottles, all brewed and bottled right there at the Dexter Brewhouse in Lower Queen Anne. Mollusk is a brewery that is more than meets the eye. 

Cody started off with his own much smaller brewery called Epic Ales. After teaming up with Carey, it grew to become Mollusk, the name of which was a play on his original beer pairing-centric gastropub, the Gastropod. Since then, Mollusk has been acquired by a local restaurateur and Cody and Carey get to focus on running the beer operation. Mollusk is planning to expand this year and open a second larger location in the Magnuson Park area of Seattle which will allow the smaller facility on Dexter Ave to focus on piloting and brewing the weirdest brews. 

Cody is a published academic, part of the group that discovered a completely new type of yeast previously uncataloged! You can read about it here: Microbe New To Science. Cody thinks he might be the only brewer in Seattle that is also published in such a way, though he nodded at Post-Doc brewery in Redmond which, if their name is any indication, probably has published something in the academic world.   

Mollusk is on the Ship Canal Trail Bike and Brew Route. Coming soon, if you visit Mollusk and the other breweries on the route and fill out your punch card, you win a unique Ship Canal Trail Brewery shirt!