Cycling Cicerone and The Summer of Biking!


Let me get you up to date with some of the stuff that is going on here in Cycling Cicerone land. 2018 is going to be the year of the bike and we’re up to all kinds of good stuff. 

Brewing Business Podcast

Exploring the barrel cellar at Breakside Brewery Tasting Room. This will be within reach by the end of Summer!

Exploring the barrel cellar at Breakside Brewery Tasting Room. This will be within reach by the end of Summer!

Last week I sent out to you the first Cycling Cicerone Brewer Interview. It was a pretty fun little project (thanks again, Rooftop) that I think I am going to keep up. I asked Craig questions about his plans for expanding, about his events, about his neighbors, and even a little about his beer, but mostly I asked about the business life. Being an entrepreneur is, after all, the more work intensive part of opening a brewery. I think that is one of the secret aspects of brewing that people will find interesting, but maybe that is just my business minor talking. Is it? If you listened to that “podcast” (podcast in quotes since you won’t find it actually published anywhere but here, and come on, we all know they should be called “spotifycasts”) then maybe you can tell me what about it you liked or could have done without? We’re all here for the beer, but how many different hop and grain bills do we really want to hear about? Oh and by the way, if you are a brewer and want to be interviewed, shoot me a message. Hell, if you are a homebrewer even, let’s chat. Even if you don’t, I’ll come find you. If you can get there on a bike, I’ll bring my mic. Hit the comments below or on Facebook. That would be great.

The STP, RSVP, and Gigantic Bicycle Fest

This year the Cycling Cicerone is riding the Seattle to Portland (STP), Seattle to Vancouver (RSVP) and the Gigantic Bicycle Fest Century Ride. Most of this is happening towards the tail end of summer so I have lots of training to do. What that means to you is that I will be riding further and further out to get in long training rides and that you can join! There are some amazing, secret brewery havens just 30 to 60 miles away from downtown. Woodinville and Redmond are easy and will be some of the earliest rides coming up. Then once we start getting swol we can head even further north to Everett, Snohomish, Arlington, and Mount Vernon. Hell, I don’t know if there are any breweries in Tacoma, but we’re gonna find out! Even Olympia is well within reach once we start getting towards the end of our training schedule. I’ll keep you updated on events as they come up, so if you are ready to use the almighty training carrot that is beer to get crazy fit, this is the summer to do it. 

I know it just finished snowing like gangbusters in Seattle, but I read on a new age-y website that that means some goddess of some kind is gonna give us a temperate summer. Either that or global warming will burn all the rain and snow away any day now. I guess that’s another good reason to ride your bikes instead.