I Just Signed Up For My First Bike Race

I know I talk about big game about how much I love bikes. "Cycling" is in my name, after all. I've been riding bikes my whole life after learning as a kid, but probably haven't been actually riding more than you or anyone else for much longer than the last year. I just got my first cycling jersey a couple weeks ago and learned how to replace a flat just a few weeks before that. I like easy routes with no hills, and I'm not much of a long distance rider. I'm not exactly a pro cyclist. I tell you this because I have a very exciting invite to extend to you. It's one that I'm sure you'd gladly refuse, but I want you to know that it is being extended not by the impressive rider I wish you thought I was, but instead the beer bellied buffoon I actually am. You are beer drinkers, not bikers. You barely own a bike. Your dusty craigslist bike might still work, if only you can find a pump to put some air the tires. Your name is Taylor. Or Tim (the names of Seattle's most famous bike deniers) And all that is ok, cus so am I. Here's my news: we just created a team to race in the Gigantic Bicycle Festival, and we want to join us!


It's a 50 mile race near Seattle over in Snoqualmie. I know what you are thinking, and that's why I tried to get ahead of you. "WHOA 50 MILES??! I'm not a real biker! Maybe you can do this, you're the Cycling Cicerone! But I surely can't." Hear me out though. 50 miles on a bike is like running a 5k except you'll sweat less. It takes a little longer, but from a fancy seated position and the wind in your hair, it's less a test of endurance and more a test of your sunscreen. If you ever ran a 5k, you know the struggle. Get sweaty, hurt your legs, feel bad, and then at the end you've burnt like 200 calories, barely enough for a beer.  A bike ride for 50 miles is the distance from Fremont to Redhook and back plus a bit. A nice afternoon ride and by the end of it, you have burned more like 1500 calories. It's low impact and actually does some work to counter out the beers you drink. Plus this registration will help World Bike Relief, a great non-profit that gets bikes to those who need them. That's you, Tim.


I've never done this before and I'm nervous, but I know I shouldn’t be. Please join me? You know what? If you do, I'll give you $20 off an Intrigue Brewing Cycling Jersey and you can match the rest of the team. Just click here.