Welcome to the New Cycling Cicerone

If you want taproom bike and brew routes, you are in the right place. Hopefully now that makes more sense. 

A little history about Cycling Cicerone and Intrigue Brewing. First, there was Intrigue Brewing. It was founded on the idea that brewing beers and brewing mysteries can be combined into one awesome thing. Originally, this was going to take the form of a brewery where murder mysteries could be played. It was a venue where you'd play a mystery and have beer on tap to keep you going. Then it evolved into play at home mysteries with specially paired beers brewed by Intrigue Brewing. Eventually, the brewery idea was dropped entirely, to be replaced with beer-themed mysteries. Longtime fans of Intrigue Brewing may have noticed a change in focus around this time. A little after that, Cycling Cicerone infiltrated the brewery. Intrigue Brewery became more about reviewing beers and taprooms than it was about solving mysteries. 

After several months of trying to reconcile both ideas- The Cycling Cicerone and Intrigue Brewing, it finally started to make more sense to split them up. We were desperate to keep them both running under the same roof as a joint operation. It made sense (we told ourselves). People like bikes, beer, and mysteries! They will want to read a blog about all three. They will ride their bikes in their costumes to while nice and tipsy. Of Course! Obviously, that doesn't actually make sense, so that leads us to where we are now.


Intrigue Brewing and the Cycling Cicerone are splitting up. We're going our separate ways. Say goodbye to the confusing facebook page where both character illustrations and taproom review blog posts share the same feed. Say goodbye to the blog banner where the Cycling Cicerone and Intrigue Detective face off against each other. That is maybe more symbolic of their relationship now than it ever was. And finally say goodbye to the About pages that desperately try to describe how, no this is not a brewery, and yes if you are looking for the cycling cicerone you have come to the right place. 

If you want The Cycling Cicerone's beer, taproom, and route reviews, you have found the right place. If you want Murder Mysteries, you want IntrigueBrewing.com

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