Congrats to Taylor and Callie

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Congratulations to my friends, Taylor and Callie, on their upcoming wedding. Now that it is getting down to the wire, I have finally gotten around to brewing their wedding beers. To represent your union, I have created two brand new beers: The Taylor and The Callie. Good job, you have finally fulfilled your destiny and gotten some beers named after you.  These two beers were made with the same malts, but in different amounts and with different hops. Just like the humans Taylor and Callie, their differences compliment each other while at their heart, they are one.

The Taylor

Like it's namesake, The Taylor has a dark past. Intrigue came about the recipe after it left the hands of it's first owner and (alleged) original author, Hans Freuler. As a refugee fleeing to northern Italy, Freuler kept few possessions: an old scarf his mother wore when making sauerkraut, an engagement ring he never got to give, a tattered moleskin notebook (in which this recipe was transcribed), and a fifty pound burlap sack of American two-row malted barley.  For the rest of his days he pursued the man that had wronged him, all the while carrying that fifty pound sack in case he found a brewery he could use for just a bit.  When he found Intrigue, he was at the end of his rope. In exchange for his recipe, that sack, and the scarf for good measure, we told him all we could to help him find his Freundin. With naught but the clothes on his back, the ring in his hand, and the name "Bismark Taulen" as his last remaining lead, he headed off, as determined and destined as ever, to get his revenge. We feel kinda bad that we made up that guy's name, but at least we got this bomb-ass beer out of it. 

  • Style: American Porter

  • ABV: 6.4%

  • IBU: 45

  • American two row, Crystal 40, Chocolate, and Black Roasted Barley malts with Kent Goldings hops. You'll find out how it tastes once it comes out of the fermentor.

  • Brewers Friend - see the whole recipe

  • Untappd - see what your friends think

The Callie 

This beer can best be summed up with the following quote, coyishly whispered by Callie while laying on the hill with me at Gasworks Park. 

Most people come and go, but a precious few stay with us forever. The ones that live in Belltown usually go. Don't they know it's only like a 8 minute bus ride to Fremont? Come on Tim, I know you have a fucking bus card. The ones in Haller Lake, though... those ones are real.

Classic Callie...

  • Style: Brown Porter

  • ABV: 4.9%

  • IBU: 30

  • American two row, Crystal 40, Chocolate, and English Brown malts with Fuggles hops.

  • Brewers Friend - see the whole recipe

  • Untappd - see what your friends think

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