Cycling Certified Cicerone®

Beer is better with a bike

Cycling Certified Cicerone®



I'm the Cycling Certified Cicerone® . Cicerone is a fancy word for tour guide. It also means “Beer Expert,” which I also happen to be, as in “Andrew Bieber the Certified Cicerone®, Beer Expert.” I like beer and I ride bikes, so I seek out the perfect bike trails in towns around Seattle and Washington. Turns out there's a lot of beer out there and you can get more of it if you ride a bike. It just so happens that drinking while cycling isn't particularly illegal here in Seattle, so let’s get to it.




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Guided Tours

Coming in Summer 2018, the Cycling Cicerone will be offering guided tours of Seattle and the surrounding cities. No sign up yet, but stay tuned



Ride on your own. Take a look at the map of your region and see what routes I have found, critiqued, and fine tuned. 



Thinking of checking out a brewery? Maybe I have something to say about it. I have visited almost every one in Seattle and might save you some time.