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Wander - Washington Beer Talk #32

The family that brews together, stays together… that’s how that phrase goes right? Chad and Coleen are a brewing family. Wander is their 20 barrel brew house that is several steps larger than others just starting out. Wander was designed from the get go to be a production scale brewery. Chad tells us how he and Coleen juggle their growing family while their brewery grows into it’s bones.

Wander was an especially noisy brewery and I experimented with some new noise removal processes. Like what you hear? Leave a comment!

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Aslan - Washington Beer Talk #31

Aslan Brewery is an organic brewery and a B Corporation focused on their triple bottom line - People and Planet then finally Profit. Jack Lamb and his co-founders started Aslan much like any other brewery, but despite the self-imposed, margin-slashing decision to go certified organic, they grew quickly to be one of Washington’s top 25 largest breweries. Lamb is on a mission to make beer be the first thing when you hear Aslan, not a lion from the other side of a wardrobe. And yes, I ask him right off the bat how a guy named Lamb went straight for the lion themed brewery.

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