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Ride a bike and drink beer. What can go wrong? Here on the blog, I review all the best brewery circuits near bike routes. I'm a guy who loves beer, so I drink a lot and write about it. I like to think a lot about tap rooms and drinking, probably because I have so much time on my hands on long rides. Saddle up and ride with me and we'll hit breweries until the sun goes down. 

Drinking Murder Mysteries with Intrigue Brewing

Intrigue Brewing provides complete print-at-home murder mystery party packets for hosting murder mysteries at your home or venue of choice. Our downloadable packets include everything you need to host the game. Beer, wine, and cocktails go hand in hand with Murder Mysteries. Nothing brings out the roleplaying urge and buffs up the experience of a murder mystery like a good brew. Intrigue likes to embrace that idea on all levels. From getting a bit tipsy on the cocktail recipes included to compliment the story, to full on drunken shenanigans encouraged by the drinking game rules in some of our party packets, we have written and designed our mysteries already knowing that you are hosting a mystery as an excuse to hang out with friends and party a bit. If the dead rising to take tequila shots sounds like your idea of a good time, then these are the murder mysteries for you. If drinking isn't your speed then you are still in the right place. All of our mysteries are just as compelling, puzzling, and entertaining even with a virgin margarita in hand. 


Wait, is this a Brewery?

Well, no. Not really. Not yet. I happen to be a homebrewer, and that is where the inspiration to call this page "Intrigue Brewing" came from. I wanted a way to combine writing murder mysteries with brewing beer into one fun name and that is where Intrigue Brewing came from. Why not make beer themed murder mysteries and combine them? Alas, brewing beer fell to second tier and remains a mere hobby that I do in my basement whenever I have time. While I do like to brew and usually have some beer to give away to friends, I can't give any to you. I'm sorry. One day, maybe, but for now this is merely a brewery in spirit. Drinking beer has taken the front seat, so that's where the Cycling Cicerone comes in. Now we suffer from an overloaded brand. Intrigue Brewing is a blog about beer, breweries, and bikes, but it is also about murder mysteries. As silly as it has gotten, I'm sure you'll like what you see. If you love to bike and drink, then maybe try out a mystery while you're here. 

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